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One of Bob the Cigar Guys most anticipated interviews for PCA 2023. The guys over at Hooten Young are steeped in American military tradition and service. A dynamic duo of Hooten and Young set out to tackle the trade show for the first time ever, and we were there to grab hold of their first time experience.

Tucked away into a small booth towards the end of the trade show lay a small coffee table and four leather chairs. Two of them occupied by men who looked like the world was their prize. Eyes full of anticipation and hearts set on success, they were there to sling the Hooten Young gospel to anyone who would listen.

Accompanied by a handful of staff and a table full of cigars, for a first time show the Hooten Young team were busier than ants in the rainforests of Brazil. There were military vets, Cigars for Warriors reps and American veteran supporters crowding the booth, almost made it difficult for the interview to start. These guys were rick stars with their unique cigars, history and dedication to the cause.

Below is a video we wish could have been longer, but time was short. It’s a video that captures the essence of a bunch of salty dogs who want to bring cigars and veterans together along side include the public with their aspirations.

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