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Easily the finest leather cigar cases we’ve ever had the chance to look at and hold. The fine Italian leathers. The craftsmanship and skill on the construction. Peter James Co sets an incredibly high bar when it comes to leather cases and their leather travel humidors. That’s right, a leather travel humidor that is Boveda certified to keep your sticks in perfect smoking condition up to 40 days.

2023 PCA coverage brought to you by Drew Estate Cigars

Along side of their hand crafted leather cases they have launched their own premium cigars. Offering both a Maduro and a Habano wrapped cigar, we can’t help but look forward to smoking them and getting into a review. If they smoke as well as their products are crafted, we feel that the cigars could potentially make their way into a top 25 list for the year. It does remain to be seen, so come back for that one!

Peter James Co has introduced their brand of premium lighters that, if you watched the video above, you’ll have noticed are exceptional in design and in aesthetics.

Ever looked at amping up your lounge or personal smoking space to the next level? Peter James has you covered with their Henry furniture line. While it’s up there in price, it’s something that, Like Bob said, is like a, “leather hug.” The ability to have the nicest lounge chair in leather you’ve ever set your eyes on…who can top that? You’d be the envy of every cigar lounge in a 500 mile radius.

Make sure you take a scroll through the catalogue and let us know what you got or what you plan on saving up for when the time is right to add in an heirloom piece to your cigar collection that deserves a treat.

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