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  • 2022 Christmas ornaments are HERE!

    2022 Christmas ornaments are HERE!


  • ADVentura’s Cigar Factory, Tabacalera William Ventura, Suffers Major Fire.

    ADVentura’s Cigar Factory, Tabacalera William Ventura, Suffers Major Fire.

    Per ADVentura’s Instagram earlier today (Sep, 26th) the Tabacalera William Ventura factory was overcome with fire. Luckily for everyone involved there have been no injuries to report from such a catastrophic event. Per their Instagram post, they will be moving to the former TWV factory. The post also indicates that nothing can be salvaged from […]

  • Corona Gold Exclusive | Cigar Review

    Introducing Bi-weekly cross uploads to Rumble and Chaveta Report

  • Corona Cigar Co. Summer Deal Days are Here!

    Corona Cigar Co. Summer Deal Days are Here!

    Cigars and Deals! Don’t sleep on the deals.

  • YouTube banning more cigar content [MUST READ]

    I know it feels like I just wrote an article last week about this…because I did! Well this time, it’s worse! Much worse. YouTube has just handed us our very first actual channel strike, and just like in baseball once you get three strikes you’re out! We have gotten copyright claims before. They come with […]

  • Cigar YouTubers going down?

    Cigar YouTubers going down?

    We all know that the big social media companies have issues when it comes to ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). All of the things that make life more fun, right? A handful of years ago it wasn’t demonized to post content of reviewing cigars, instructing people how to make the best cocktails or giving a […]

  • Your Survival Guide to Barn Smoker! (MUST READ)

    Finally! Drew Estate’s Barn Smoker is back!After a two year hiatus due to the global pandemic and Covid-19, Drew Estate is bringing back the single most awesome consumer targeted event for the cigar lover community! In the past, Drew Estate has held five events at farms from which they source tobacco – Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, […]

  • DTT Mug & Janus Coffee Giveaway is TONIGHT

    Tonight at 8:15pm EST our live-show, Chief Talk, will go live! If you’ve already gotten in your 2 chances to win, you’re set! If you haven’t yet gotten into the drawing, you have time! Go to the post before this one and get your entry in! Hope to see you there!



    Have you seen these ever exclusive and somewhat elusive mugs running around the internet? No? That’s probably because they’re exclusively obtained from Bob the Cigar Guy! Since Chaveta Report is run by the BTCG media team, we have an exclusive giveaway here! We’ve given away a cup already, but this time we are adding in […]



    Bob the Cigar Guy and Chief, of the Bob the Cigar Guy social media platforms, would like to welcome you to the newest cigar media, news and reviews outlet! We are dipping our toes into the, “print game,” and you’re getting to join us at the VERY START of what hopefully becomes an extremely long […]