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Have you ever heard of Palio? Ever heard of Humidor Supreme? How about Xikar? Yeah…you know those all ring a bell or two in the ol’ dome piece. The significance of them all? They’re all tied together in the shape of Quality Importers. And who better to represent Quality Importers than our longtime friend, Joe Gro?

We knew there was going to be a ton to cover this year at the Quality Importer booth, but what an assortment they had lined up for lounges and consumers, along with media, to take a look at. A huge rotunda of cutters and lighters which not only featured their new offerings we released last week, but also their $140,000 Xikar cutter and other cutters and lighters that Xikar/Palio have had for years, which all sat in the middle of their large booth. Surrounding the edges of their booth space was the SWAG BUNKER and all of their humidor options.

From desk top humidors to full on lockers, the outside rim of the booth space made it to where you couldn’t escape the booth without seeing something you would try to convince your better half to let you take home for your personal smoke space. Believe me…if I had a moving truck I might have tried to take them back myself!

Remember when we had Joe Gro on just a month ago for Chief Talk? We got to see first hand the lighter and draw tool combo that was debuted FIRST with us. What an experience. You can see our interview below where we got to see it for the first time.

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From the desk of the editor

I would be a bad friend and a terrible self promoter if I didn’t take the time to let you know that if you were to go to Xikar’s website and use the code: CHIEFTALK at checkout to get yourself 15% off of your order from the website! An incredible savings when you go to check out with the new offerings from Xikar this year!

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