Cigar YouTubers going down?

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We all know that the big social media companies have issues when it comes to ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms). All of the things that make life more fun, right?

A handful of years ago it wasn’t demonized to post content of reviewing cigars, instructing people how to make the best cocktails or giving a tutorial on how to safely clean and operate a firearm. Now-a-days it seems like every one of those type of videos has the potential to be flagged, black listed or even removed from the worlds biggest video uploading site.

It’s difficult to let the creative juices flow when you know that all of your hard work in shooting, editing and processing could be swept out from underneath you in the matter of a keystroke, as if we’re not just trying to make good, informative content to help others get the most out of this lifestyle we all love, CIGARS! We press on and still do it because you’re worth it!

Recently, Bob the Cigar Guy, had another video get a “random” age restriction guideline mark out of the blue. Now this doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to us it does bring some suspicion. As the lead editor on the channel, I Chief, know that all of our upload preferences are set to age restricted except for our food challenges or spicy challenges we did back in the day (I’m embarrassed they’re still up the to be honest).

So why did we get a violation if we are already set to have videos above 18+ on the channel? Did we forget to click something? maybe…unlikely, but I guess there’s always a chance. Or is there a slow rollout of banning or shadow banning coming back to YouTube that almost wiped out a good portion of content a couple years back that drove many cigar content creators to open platforms on other video sharing sites?


well kind of…

One of the reasons we created Chaveta Report was for this possibility. Social Media sites have the right to do whatever they want in terms of content they allow on their sites…common sense dictates that.
We understand the volatility of the word “tobacco” in today’s culture and how it has a negative connotation, even though we know better.
So in the essence of Chaveta Report, we have the ability to continue to upload cigar reviews and content HERE!

So make sure you’re a part of the mailing list so that in case the media world does indeed crack down on cigar content creators, you’ll still be able to follow the reviews and streams here.

3 responses to “Cigar YouTubers going down?”

  1. jfortis3 Avatar

    Everyone is getting strikes everywhere. YouTube is sending out the Banhammer to help the new disinformation thought police keep our elections safe from cigar smoking insurrectionists who really need to stop pushing tobacco on the kids #imjokingobviously

  2. Jordan y Avatar
    Jordan y

    Loving the updates and the email platform!

  3. DaveX3 Avatar

    I will support and follow you no matter where you go brother. VIVA LA CHEF!

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