Your Survival Guide to Barn Smoker! (MUST READ)

Finally! Drew Estate’s Barn Smoker is back!
After a two year hiatus due to the global pandemic and Covid-19, Drew Estate is bringing back the single most awesome consumer targeted event for the cigar lover community! In the past, Drew Estate has held five events at farms from which they source tobacco – Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Louisiana – to add into their current (hopefully future) blends. This year features four farms: FL, KY, PA and CT, but not the Pappy Van Winkle experience in LA. Drew Estate did add in another event to match five events but it’s a whole new experience with the 25th anniversary celebration of Drew Estate with DE25! This event experience will come at the tail end of October.

“Drew estate is the trifecta of the tobacco universe! First, they make amazing blends that cross the gamut of size, profile and price point. Second, can’t nobody come close to the volume and the level of swag! And third, they know how to put on an event! Barnsmokers are the perfect balance of learnin’, fellowship, and family all the while with the delicious smell of cigar smoke. You come as a cigar smoker, you leave as family! If ya see me there come up and say “hey!” I’ve always got time for you my friend.”

Bob The Cigar Guy

Here’s what you NEED TO KNOW

We have had unique opportunities, from our first hand experiences, to learn some vital details when it comes to getting the biggest “bang for your buck.” We shot a video in order to help prepare first time guests to Barn Smoker events and it even acts as a refresher for those who have been, but it’s been a while since attending. We initially shot this video for Barn Smokers in 2021, but the information and tips are timeless!

We broke down 10 points broken into 2 facets of Barn Smoker preparedness! The first five points are what you need to do to prepare for a Barn Smoker. The second set of five points that deal with what you need to do at a Barn Smoker.

5 Points on how to prep for a Barn Smoker:

  1. Get a good night’s rest.
  2. Comfort over fashion goes a long way. Shoes and attire that are comfortable go a long way.
  3. Outfit yourself with a bag and GEAR UP. Ie: Book bag, satchel, purse or fanny pack and bring your cutter/lighter and travel humidor (yes, they’re provided but the more the better.)
  4. Battery backups for phones and cameras go a long way. So make sure you get all of your memories recorded down!
  5. Bring $10 cash to redeem your pack of cigars at your Barn Smoker event! And extra cash for raffle tickets!

5 points on what to do at your Barn Smoker Event:

  1. Don’t miss any activation stations! They sometimes include some special perks/surprises.
  2. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Can’t stress it enough! Between heat/weather and drinks, you’ll need to keep yourself upright!
  3. Take more pictures that you have before! Memories are more fun when you can share them to the world!
  4. Don’t be afraid to make new friends and build out your cigar family! Who doesn’t want more BOTL & SOTL?
  5. Don’t leave early! You’ll forever kick yourself if you miss out on something because you wanted to get out the parking lot faster.

These are our top 10 must do’s when it comes to Barn Smokers! We hope to see you there and if you see us first, don’t be a stranger! Come give us a hug because we don’t shy away from them! These events are great for cigars and swag, but the connections and friendships that help shape our memories of this lifestyle stick with us longer than a Feral Pig lingers around the humidor!

That’s it! Check the video below for a better, in depth, review of these 10 points and maybe some that we covered outside of the 10 bullet points!

We love ya!

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