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I know it feels like I just wrote an article last week about this…because I did!
Well this time, it’s worse!

Much worse.

YouTube has just handed us our very first actual channel strike, and just like in baseball once you get three strikes you’re out! We have gotten copyright claims before. They come with a light slap on the wrist and make it to where you can’t get any money from the video you produce. It’s fair, in my opinion, but who else listens to Family Matters on repeat?

As you continue to read on below you’ll see just how quick we think “strike 1” will become “strike three, you’re out!”

The VERY FIRST community guideline strike the BTCG channel has gotten came yesterday May 9, 2022.

A whole week!

A whole week where we can no longer upload cigar reviews, live shows or anything else we have uploaded to YouTube in the past.


We all know that this weekend is the first Barn Smoker of the year! With Barn Smoker comes content on top of content on top of content!

  • Interviews
  • Vlogs
  • Cigar Reviews
  • Culture Content

and now, because of the strike out of nowhere, we won’t be able to upload any of that content directly after the event or do a live show like we had hoped to do for Chief Talk on a special weekend issue.

Where did the STRIKE come from?

It came from a video that is over 2 years old! We talked about where you could get the cigar from, ya know kind of like we do in EVERY VIDEO?! No matter, they didn’t like it!

YouTube, for whatever reason, has decided to “search purge” their platform for videos that contain the “sale of regulated goods” or even talk about the “sale of regulated goods.”

It’s a new leaf in an ever growing vine of ways to limit what is posted on their site. The worst part of it all is that it’s retro-active. So even if BTCG decided that he wouldn’t mention cigar websites in the description or even talk about them, which would be impossible since we deal with cigars and partner with manufacturers and distributors, going forward the channel could still be hit with past videos and livestreams unless they were taken down and permanently deleted.

Below is a screenshot of the updated guideline:

BTCG falls under the bullet points of “nicotine” and “alcohol” in the updated list of regulated items not allowed to be “facilitate access to any of the regulated goods and services listed…”

Where does BTCG and Chief go now?

Again, like we talked about last week, if all else fails, we have Chaveta Report! We have the ability to upload content here and make sure that cigar news and media still gets out to the public. We don’t have over 6,000 subscribers here (yet) like we do on YouTube, but we are hoping to eclipse that number on the website since we can control what we are uploading and posting.

But, a new twist has come about…

We have decided to go ahead and create a Rumble account!

Go subscribe to it now!

We are going to start using the Rumble platform to post our videos along side YouTube until YouTube does inevitably remove our account from their uploading site.

It also means that most, if not all, cigar reviews will be getting a written review as well and being posted here on Chaveta Report so that we know we are getting the content out as much as possible!

Where do you, YES YOU, come into play?

You have the most important job in our opinions. We need you to make sure a couple things happen

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  • Subscribe to our Rumble account

No, seriously! We need you to share this article with all of your cigar friends and family! We need you to share this to your Facebook groups and Discord servers so that they can catch up on the information that we believe will be effecting every cigar YouTuber currently on the platform.

Check out our first Rumble below!

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