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When it comes to your indoor lounge or your man cave you’ve carved out for yourself to smoke in, there’s always a little nag in the back of your mind. What do I do about the air? What do I do about the smell?

For us, smoking in the house was a no no. Our wives would have us drawn and quartered if we decided to bring back one of these PCA smokes and spark it up in the upstairs den. So we built ourselves a smoking studio. We still ran into the issue of not wanting to be “smoked out” in the studio, so we built in ventilation fans. Some whisper quiet fans that are normally for bathrooms. They work great, but they also carry out all of our AC or our heat along with the smoke.

Enter Rabbit Air, a smokers best friend.

The ability to have a controlled unit through your wifi that will not only pull the smoke out of the air, but the smell. Advanced filtration systems that hospitals and health care departments utilize every day but at the convenience of your cigar smoking lifestyle.

Tamina O’Brien lays out the frameworks and detailed specifics of the Rabbit Air system, so we’ll step back and let her blow your mind with just how powerful the Rabbit Air filtration system truly is!

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