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Drunk Chicken Cigars was born out of an afternoon of friendship, fellowship cigar and a few “drunk” chickens running around Desiree’s back yard. A group of friends sat out back. Shooting the breeze, smoking stogies and having a few good drinks when a friend mentioned, “Hey! Your chickens are drunk!” Whether it was the chickens or the libations were a little strong, the idea for “The Drunk Chicken” was born.

Fair forward a couple years and Desiree, along with her husband, had the chance to meet a cigar roller and the rest is history.

Drunk Chicken Cigars offer 6 independent blends and a sampler pack on their website.

  • Drunk Chicken Original
  • Fat Hen
  • Homicidal Hen
  • Living the Dream
  • Mother Clucker:
  • Sweet Dream

Don’t let a name like Drunk Chicken scare you, these cigars are legit and are tasty. Hear Desiree, Founder and CEO, talk about the cigars and the company story with our interview at this years PCA.

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