The Cigar Smoker’s Friend Gift Guide

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Do you have a significant other or a friend who smokes cigars?

Are you related to someone who likes to enjoy the finest hand rolled premium tobacco known to man?

Are you having a hard time looking for a gift for said loved one/family member because you don’t smoke cigars yourself? Well do we have a few suggestions for you!

First, A Promo Code

Everything we have come together to think of all comes from our favorite online retailer, Corona Cigar Company! A premium online retailer where you can find it all and they’ll ship it right to you! No standing in lines, feeling out of place in a shop of tobacco. Just the convenience of picking out items they’ll love, while you don’t get stressed!

Did I mention 10% off as well? If you use code: BOB10 at checkout, you’ll get an additional TEN PERCENT off of your order! That’s basically a free stick every 10 you buy!

some exclusions do apply:

What We Suggest

  1. Foundation Cigar’s Olmec Claro
    Link: HERE
    Why: This is currently Chief’s number 1 cigar of the year. There are both the Claro and Maduro available at Corona Cigar, and both are good, but the Claro just has a little more for me when it comes to enjoying the smoke.
  2. Oliva’s 135th
    Link: HERE
    Why: For months this cigar was my favorite cigar of 2022 until it was beat out by the cigar above. Even though it doesn’t sit at the top of the list anymore that doesn’t mean it isn’t a quality smoke.
  3. Drew Estate’s Nica Rustica Adobe
    Link: HERE
    Why: Another really great selection from Drew Estate yet again! I personally feel that Drew Estate’s Adobe is better than the original. It’s also available at Corona in Single Stick purchases.
  4. Alec & Bradley’s The Gatekeeper
    Link: HERE
    Why: Alec & Bradley have come out with multiple really good blends here as of recent. The Gatekeeper is a more medium bodied going towards full smoke that does a great job of coating the palette. It is also available in single stick purchases online.
  5. THE Corona Cutter Lighter Set
    Link: HERE
    Why? Maybe you’re not comfortable buying tobacco, but are wanting to support their Swag Stash and Hardware. The Cutter Lighter combo is BTCG used, proved and recommended for your more dedicated Cigar Smoker.
  6. FSG Ashtray
    Link: HERE
    Why? Because we love FSG! What better to smoke your FSG in than a branded ash tray that is sure to turn heads of loved ones and guests when they come over to smoke along!

*While we suggest these above items, feel free to search their whole catalogue if you’re familiar with what your significant other would love for Christmas and the New Year*

Gifts to give, but they don’t qualify for the Discount Code

  1. Corona COTM Clubs
    Link: HERE
    Why? The gift that continues to give…literally! Every month, surprise your loved ones with pre selected premium cigars that they may have smoked, but most likely haven’t yet come across.
  2. Corona Tasting Packages
    Link: HERE
    Why? Tasting packages pack the best of both worlds! Cigars and Spirits and sometimes SWAG to boot! Perfect gifts available in their vast collection of tasting samplers.
  3. Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust
    Link: HERE
    Why? We have come to love the WHOLE DTT line, but unfortunately it doesn’t qualify for our promo code 🙁 But that won’t stop us from suggesting some of the finest quality tobacco and smokes on the market!
  4. Factory Smokes by Drew Estate
    Link: HERE
    Why? Again, even though it doesn’t qualify for the discount, we can’t help but share a VALUE! Factory Smokes are a really good value buy for volume in a humidor. What to buy a lot of cigars to wow your gift recipient, but want to save some coin? then there’s no better option for premium and value than the Factory Smokes!
  5. Samplers, Samplers, Samplers
    Link: HERE
    Why? Don’t know what they want? Don’t want to get flustered picking out individual sticks? Samplers are the way. A wide range of budget and a whole slew of brands (sometimes mixed) allows a gift to wow over and over!

Merry Christmas from Chaveta Report!

We want to thank you for following along with us this year! Launching in April, we had no idea what to expect…But we are extremely happy with the successes and the opportunities that Chaveta Report has brought!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!
Here’s to 2023!

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