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As you know, we post every other weekend a Corona Cigar Company review on our Rumble page.

We started posting these reviews over to Rumble because we were afraid that continuing to post these reviews on YouTube would terminate our channel. After multiple strikes for new rules reasons, we started them there.

But we are back on YouTube with these reviews!

From Bob the Cigar Guy:

Coronacigar.com has another exclusive hit! This time you get top shelf construction, solid flavors, on a bundle budget!
Yep, that’s right, less than 28 cents an inch!
Talk about budget luxury.
If your life is anything like mine around this time of year your “extra” money flies out the door. Things like Gifts, lights, fancy food and wrapping paper to name but a few cut into my “puffin budget”. With all the added stress, responsibilities, and get togethers now is not a time to skip my ceegar time. Lol.
So I need something to smoke that tastes good but stretches my dollar. Coronacigar.com has just the thing. Did I mention 28 cents an inch?!? Check out the video to learn more.
BTW, coronacigar.com has lots of great gift ideas you can get your friends, family, or.. yourself. Check them out today, thank me later.
Happy holidays and merry Christmas!
-Bob T.C.G.-

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