Best Hits of 2022’s Florida Barn Smoker

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By now, you’ve been through 3 informational sessions, the life blood of that Barnsmoker in my opinion.
We sat through the Seed to Stem process, Curing process and the process of picking and blending with a purpose that were all taught by Drew Estate’s elite and Jeff from Corona Cigar company.

We even brought you our first installation of Culture Check with Will McPhaul (DE Turrible).

But you’ve yet to get a glimpse into what Barnsmoker looks like from the activation station standpoint. Barnsmoker isn’t just a couple classes where you get educated, smoke a cigar or two and bounce. Drew Estate just starts you off that way and then once you wrap up your lunch pate, the real fun begins!

An inside look of what you’re missing

  • Tents for a hundred feet that are set up for you to test and taste different liquor brands
  • Life sized “Shut the Box” games run by the Joya de Nicaragua team
  • A Herrera Estelí dart board alley where your performance dictates an extra cigar
  • Acid “night club” in a tobacco field
  • Artists to draw and capture you in your essence of bliss with your favorite DE stick
  • Live painting of a custom chopper for Drew Estate surrounded by Deadwood inspired models
  • and who could forget getting cocktails professionally prepared for you by Frankie Dranks and his team

A full 6 hour day and experience where you make new friends and FOTL (family of the leaf) and memories that will last a lifetime.

We tried our best to capture those of you who were able to attend either day of the Barnsmoker, so maybe you’re in the video below!


There are still 3 Barnsmokers and the DE25 event left in 2022. We HIGHLY recommend that if you can, you should! Don’t get to the end of the year and kick yourself for missing out on the greatest cigar party you’ll ever have the chance of going to!
I look forward to the coming Barnsmokers and capturing them all again! See y’all there!

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  1. Steve Fulmer Avatar
    Steve Fulmer

    Nice video bro

  2. inkygnome Avatar

    Can’t wait to make it to a Barn Smoker one of these days!

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