Seed to Stem

It’s great to be back on the road!

First stop: Clermont Florida, USA! It’s the first of four Barnsmoker events for 2022 and the first MAJOR event for Drew Estate since the onset of Covid-19.

Behind the scenes of the Drew Estate Walkthrough process (Jonathan Drew Center}


Per normal Barnsmoker fashion, there are multiple lesson sessions for every event, and 2022 continues that theme. Florida has 3 sessions: Seed to Stem, Field to Harvest and Curing. Episode one focuses on Pedro Gomez of Drew Estate and Jeff Borysiewicz of Florida Sun Grown/Corona Cigar Co. and the showing of seedling tobacco and the hand process of planting the tobacco in the “20 Acre Farm” we have all come to grow more fond of in the recent past.

The Seed to Stem session focuses on informing the public about the intricacies of the start process that aren’t common knowledge, like:

  • Tobacco seeds are close to microscopic
  • FSG uses a palletized method of seeding
  • FSG utilizes machines and modern farming techniques to plant
  • FSG tobacco goes through a 90 day process in a green facility
  • Even though FSG doesn’t plant by hand, its taught for a true hands on experience

One of the aspects of Barnsmoker, in my opinion, that sets itself apart from other tobacco events is the actual hands on approach. Getting to actually get your hands on the plant before its been processed and rolled into a premium stick gives you a deeper connection with the lifestyle we love. Barnsmoker captures the essence of what its like to be involved in the plant. Later in the day you get the opportunity to roll your own cigars (apply the wrapper leaf) at the Undercrown Cigar Activation.

Watch below to see Jeff and Pedro walk us briefly through the FSG process that starts off the tobacco brands you have come to know and love! Smoke FSG, Smoke 20 Acre Farm!

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