Favilli Announces a Specialty Brand Collaboration with Fabien Ziegler

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Fabien Ziegler has been somewhat of a ghost in the shadows since his last broadcast from the Happy Smokey Hour in Miami Fl. Leaving many to wonder, “what’s next” for the industry Titan, well it’s finally here!

Fabien is joining the ranks at the famous Casa Favilli in Granada, Nicaragua, to bring a specialty series of brands launching in July 2022.

We are proud to announce that we will be able to bring you live and in person coverage to the launch of the brand! On June 30, 2022 Chief will have Fabien Ziegler and Jared Micheali on our weekly show Chief Talk at 8:15pm EDT across both the Bob the Cigar Guy Youtube and Facebook pages. Make sure you come prepared with all of your questions as we will have intermittent stops through the show to ask them to both Jared and Fabien.

From the press release:

The series will offer small production quantities overseen by Indiana Ortez with numbered packaging and a release calendar for consumers to anticipate future installments. Additionalproductinformation and detailswill be released to the public atan upcominglauncheventsoon to be announced

Casa Favilli

From Fabien Ziegler:

“Preparing to share my latest dream with everybody means a lot to me, it has felt like a long time coming and I am ready for the next evolution! I hope all can enjoy the new series as much as I have enjoyed creating it! I could not have done it alone and am blessed to be able to collaborate with a friend like Jared. This project is designed to awaken many people who may be stuck in a product rut and bring about a different approach to how many of us enjoy traditional cigars. From the packaging to brand messaging to the product mix, this series is a totally unique for the industry and in a product space where I hope my expertise can lend the best consumer experience!”

Fabien Ziegler

From Jared Michaeli, President & Co-Founder Favilli

“Announcing this collaboration is such a great moment for us, and a first in the many new avenues we are embarking onto reach our vision. In my eyes Fabien has always been a titan in the industry, one who has such an impressive client focus, personal attention to detail and excellent work ethic. The match between us is really a perfect fit as this too is our focus at Favilli in our next 15-year quest of new and better direction. Fabien’s experience in cigars is vast and is greatly highlighted in this collaborative series. Being inGranada with a completely different business model than the norm, both the vision and the personalities of Fabien and Favilli fit so well. We are proud to be the home where this collaboration lives, and I am honored to have a friend and industry mentor like Fabien consider Favilli as his preferred partner for the vision.”

For the consumer:

Favilli and Ziegler are launching the series in the US, with a Canadian release shortly after. Select international markets will see availability as early as September 2022. For more information leading up to the event please follow both Ziegler’s and Favilli’s social media pages. Any interested parties are encouraged to email sales@favilli.com for more information.

From Chaveta Report:

We are eternally grateful to both Fabien and Jared to be able to bring you the first coverage of this exciting and new collaboration of Favilli. We have missed seeing Fabiens smile across the internet and cannot wait to meet again in person and bring the cigar community exclusive content of the new brand!

We look forward to seeing all of you at the end of June! Follow along Chaveta Report and our other socials so you don’t miss any announcements related to the Cigar Industry!

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