Diesel’s “Side Show” Now Shipping

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Diesel is shipping “Sideshow” now. The limited-production, annually-released sampler features freakish-looking frontmarks that smoke as flawlessly as their classic counterparts. 

Diesel Sideshow takes the full-bodied Diesel Unlimited blend through a veritable funhouse and gives the cigar lover a glimpse of what happens when the artisans of Tabacelera AJ Fernandez have free reign to sculpt tobacco into smokeable artforms. 

The seven-smoke sampler includes one each of the following cigars which are only available as part of the Sideshow:

Diesel Frog Boy (4.5” x 60)
Diesel Pin Head (5” x 54)
Diesel Two-Headed Nightingale (6” x 60)
Diesel Bearded Lady (6” x 46)
Diesel Elephant Man (6” x 52
Diesel Bohemian Twins (7” x 38)
Diesel Strong Man (7” x 58)

The blend is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, a Mexican San Andrés wrapper and a blend of Nicaraguan Condega and Estelí tobaccos.

Diesel Sideshow sells for $99.99 and the brand is distributed by Forged Cigar Company.

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