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MB FUMA is announcing its company launch on Columbus Day 2023 and will
be made available to the US Retail market in the month of October. The announcement comes in time for Q4 of 2023 after more than a year of producing new product lines in Nicaragua. MB FUMA was founded in 2022 by Jared Michaeli I., former Brand Entrepreneur for Drew Estate and President of Mombacho Cigars S.A. / Favilli.

MBF cigars were first showcased in a limited collaboration project for guests who attended the opening day of the 2023 Puro Sabor Festival. MBF Cigars is headquartered in Miami, Florida with a location for the company’s Production Operations in Esteli, Nicaragua.

MB Fuma creates premium cigars that are manufactured with traditional techniques and creates brand lines that pay homage to MBF’s Italian heritage by uniquely celebrating the Italian artisanship and design so loved by the world. MB FUMA’s launch strategy is designed to kick off the U.S. Retail market with 50 retail stores. Launching first in designated key accounts, a part of the company’s strategy is to prioritize retail shops with owners of Italian heritage and/or stores located in the traditional Italian neighborhoods of America. Additional retail stores will be added in the months to come.

MBF Cigars enters the premium cigar market with two Core Lines, Straight Off The Boat and Consegna Speciale, which will be available in their respective formats in the month of October. The company has also announced a third brand from its “Legacy Lines” of cigars named NOV30 (/n/./o/./v/./three/./o/), officially releasing on November 30th of this year.

The first three brands released are manufactured in Condega, Nicaragua, in
cooperation with AgroTabacos and deeply utilize the tobaccos grown by the Ortez’ three generations of tobacco heritage.

Additional products of MB FUMA are available to consumers and retailers, including Italian olive oil, Nicaraguan coffee, and the MBF Boxing brand which is a collaboration of MBF and the world of Professional Boxing, that Michaeli has been deeply involved with for many years. MBF Boxing strategically partners with notable professional boxing outfits to support amateur boxing programs for youth. Retailers will be able to reserve the lines immediately, with product shipping to stores beginning the end of October. Interested parties are encouraged to email MB FUMA at sales@mbfcigars.com, and Michaeli directly at jared@mbfcigars.com.

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