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Les Fines Lames has been around for a handful of years now and the tobacco world knows they mean quality. Les Fines Lames has boasted some of the sharpest cigar knives in the world. Not your conventional cutter company, Les fines Lames has redesigned a pocket style knife, Le Petit, that gets through your cigar in as fast as possible, or they’ll personally fix the knife themselves.

Les Fines Lames doesn’t just stop at cigar cutter knives though. Les Fines Lames has taken the idea of K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, stupid) that they’ve applied to their knives and turned their attention to revolutionizing the fashionable “bead bracelet.” Instead of the bracelet having a clasp or just an elastic band that infinitely closes around your wrist, Les Fines Lames has created a screwing mechanism that conceals a punch style cutter in the bracelet.

Along with the knives and bracelets, Les Fines Lames has taken to the ash tray market. Simple, elegant and colorful ash trays made from solid concrete with a nice felt-ish bottom come in 2 offerings: Single cigar hold or double cigar hold. While it’s not revolutionary, it is a nice addition to the Les Fines Lames line of collector items. With the multiple color variations, you’re able to match your cutter or bracelet along side to complete your Les Fines Lames set!

Les Fines Lames also revealed a new project they’re working on, a guillotine cigar cutter necklace. Inspired by fashion, Les Fines Lames takes the runway to the humidor. With an already successful bracelet, why not add in a necklace? A sleek design meant to conceal its blades, the necklace not only performs well, it doubles as a fancy talking piece as well.

Check out our interview with Les Fines Lames to see all of the accessories coming out of our close allies in France.

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