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We all know Drew Estate. One of the top dogs in the cigar game! Cranking out millions of cigars a year and setting the standard for the new cigar culture movement, Drew Estate is a power house. Have you hard of their international department though? A small team of heavy hitter run by an equally determined and driven Manager, Mac Bergson sat down with us at this years PCA to give us a little insight to what its like in the international game.

While Drew Estate Cigar wasn’t an actual exhibitor for the show debuting their own products, there were a handful of Drew Estate territory managers making Joya de Nicaragua deals along side of the International team making deals and showing off product for their attempt to get more commonly known US blends out to the world.

The non-American cigar market, for years, has been dominated by the Cuban tobacco product. Big household names like Cohiba, Montecristo, and Davidoff have long been stable in Europe and Asia, but Mac and the team are looking to turn those numbers on their head and be the new move in the global game.

Drew Estate international doesn’t just try to promote brands that are readily available in the US to the international market, but have produced a handful of blends especially for the markets outside of the North American blend list.

  • Tabak Toraja
  • Liga Privada Unico Bauhaus
  • Year of the Ox
  • Year of the Tiger
  • Year of the Rabbit

All of the International blends cover different international markets and even luckily find their way over to the United States with some 007 type searching and sourcing.

Take a look at our interview with Mac below to hear about the ins and outs of the International market of premium tobacco.

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