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Gurkha is cigar royalty. You’ve heard of them, you’ve smoked them. Shoot, your first cigar was most likely a Gurkha cigar. They’re synonymous with elite and just about every single cigar shop on earth carries one or twenty of their blends.

At this years Premium Cigar Association Tradeshow, Gurkha debuted a handful of premium smokes. Anniversary sticks to Lunar New Year celebrations to a revamp of old blends that made so many of us start smoking Gurkha in the first place.

Steve Cook, Gurkha’s finest territory manager, sat down with us for a spell to allow us to discover their enormous booth this year. He introduced us to Gurkha’s 35th anniversary Humidor and blend that commemorates 35 years of class. A “Ferrari red,” as Steve put it, humidor filled with commemorative cigars. Only 1000 to be made, but luckily once those 1000 are gone commemorative 10 count boxes will be produced for the masses.

Also introduced at this years PCA was the 2024 Year of the Dragon that Gurkha will be releasing ahead of the next Lunar Celebration. A cigar draped in a vibrant red with a bold and deep colored wrapper.

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We also got the chance to see the new rebranding of the Beauty blend from Gurkha that has been so successful for so many years. Individual tubed cigars in white frosted glass and in a display case that makes it feel like you’re opening centuries old pirates chests.

Our interview with Gurkha may have been short, but Steve Cook really took the time to hit all the bases and make sure we got a chance to see everything Gurkha had on display!urkha

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