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One of the worlds largest growers of tobacco, Aganorsa Leaf brings the “flex” to the industry.

We had the opportunity to sit down with Fabien Zeigler to discuss all things Aganorsa. Cigars, tobacco, blending, new releases and future plans. Aganorsa has a slew of products of their own, but Aganorsa also has more than a handful of cigars they roll for other companies. Aganorsa also provides a ton of tobacco leaf to the world of cigars with some of the largest farms of tobacco in Nicaragua. Their fields stretch across the whole of Nicaragua’s most fertile regions where some of the worlds best cigars come from. That’s right, Cuba, were talking to you!

Introduced at PCA this year from Aganorsa:

  • Lunatic 10 x 100
  • New Cuba
  • Aganorsa Leaf Anniversario

Angora’s booth was teeming with life, even on a Monday, at this years PCA. You could tell there was a sense of pride in their booth. Fabien’s introduction to Aganorsa just two weeks prior to PCA seemed to bring in a good hand full of folks. But you could tell that the team, along with Terence Reilly, were buzzing to get sales made, connections connected and an overall sense of a good time to be had.

we were able to sneak away with a few cigars, so look for future reviews of the cigar here and on YouTube as we get our own real first dive into the Aganorsa lifestyle and hopefully become an Aganorsa Acolyte!

Don’t miss our interview, there’s a chance to win some incredible Aganorsa sticks!

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