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America’s oldest family-owned cigar maker feels like home as soon as you step into their booth at this years’ Premium Cigar Association Tradeshow. You’re immediately greeted with J.C. Newman’s 1/4 scale replica of El Reloj Cigar Factory and cases of beautifully displayed product that ranges from historical artifacts from the Newman’s Family factory, to tobacco hanging from the inner rafters of the scale factory to Premium Cigars bearing the name we have all come to synonymously use alongside the term, PREMIUM.

Bob the Cigar Guy had the chance to sit down with J.C. Newman’s fourth generation owner, Drew Newman, to discuss; cigars, CRA, El Reloj and Family! Bob was also blessed with the opportunity to have Drew’s father, Eric, stop by during the interview as well. Eric’s addition to the interview added in a whole other layer to the information on the history of Family Owned Cigar Companies. Seeing that they’re the longest running Family Owned American factory we believe he knows a thing or two.

Bob the Cigar Guy and Drew sit together during the interview to smoke Drew’s own personal blend J.C. Newman American cigar, a whole American Puro where even the ink and hinges used to create the boxes and labels are generated here in the states! A complete American project. You can watch that video below

2023 PCA coverage brought to you by Drew Estate Cigars

When it comes to cigar royalty, you don’t look any farther than J.C. Newman Cigar Company. Established in 1895, J.C. Newman continues to pump out exciting blend after exciting blend. J.C. Newman also does a fantastic job at creating a variety of premium cigars that no matter where you fall on the budget line, they have something for you. This is an aspect that Drew Newman covered, delightfully, during our interview at PCA above.

Editors Notes

While our time with J.C. Newman may have been shorter than we all would have loved to have had, we look forward to continuing to smoke the premium rolled tobacco coming from any of the Newman factories. It’s our goal to get down to Tampa soon to take a tour of the factory and to capture the true experience of the American Cigar Dream. A family affair turned into a love story which we all hope goes much farther than another four generations!

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