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Family by Loyalty may or may not be a name you’re completely familiar with, but awe aim to change that perception by the time you’re done checking out our PCA coverage!

Fresh off of a new re-brand and name change, thanks to Fuente shenanigans, “Family X Loyalty” is now Family by Loyalty. Same company and same drive, just a few more keystrokes when you’re looking them up on instagram.

We had the great opportunity to sit down with Allen Sanabria, CEO and Co-Founder of Family by Loyalty. Bob the cigar guy was able to break into some of the smokes and even had the unique opportunity to get his hands on one of the cigar pipes that Allen has produced with CS Pipes which you can find on their website here.

While Family by Loyalty may have been in the boutique section of the tradeshow, don’t let that fool you into thinking that they’re small on flavor. Bob walks through the flavors of the FREKI alongside Allen in the YouTube video below while also diving into the cigar pipe and its use/need for the premium cigar smoker.

2023 PCA coverage brought to you by Drew Estate Cigars

From the Desk of the Editor

While the brand may be new to a lot of our subscribers and email list recipients, they’re not new to me. They’re showcased, beautifully, by a handful of the homies within the Dead Leaf Breakfast Club and I had heard nothing but great things about the blends. After having had the chance to smoke a FREKI while shooting the interview I can confirm that they were on point and honest with their reviews. I Highly suggest looking into finding some when your budget calls for it.

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