Quality Importers Announces a New Xi1 Cigar Cutter Limited to Qualified Retailers

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Quality Importers Trading Company (QI) announced today the Limited-Edition Flying Tiger Xi1, the first Qualified Program retailer exclusive. The Limited-Edition Flying Tiger Xi1 will be showcased during the TPE trade-show held in Las Vegas, in the QI Booth #2059.

The name Flying Tiger hails from a volunteer fighter pilot squadron during World War II that fought in aerial combat over Japan, with 297 confirmed destroyed aircraft. They painted their Curtiss P-40 aircraft with the iconic Shark Face markings that have been expertly replicated on this limited edition Xikar cutter. As part of the recently launched QI Qualified Program, these retailers will have access to exclusive products and limited editions.

The Limited-Edition Flying Tiger Xi1 is limited to 200 cutters with an MSRP of $84.99 and will be shipping immediately to Qualified Program accounts.

From Quality Importers

“The marriage of these two icons, the Flying Tigers and the Xikar Xi1, made for the perfect exclusive product for our Qualified Program members. You will be the only retailers in the country who will have this, so act fast.”

Joe Gro, Director of Marketing and Communications for Quality Importers

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