Fabien Ziegler & FAVILLI Announces Release of New Coffee and CIgar Line

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Fabien Ziegler & Favilli has released the new Coffee & Cigars line of products. Ziegler & Favilli announced on June 1st of this year their collaboration. The new line of Coffee & Cigars is the creative result of Ziegler, who holds much experience in non-traditional & traditional avenues of premium cigars.

Ziegler & Favilli present a 21+ coffee, which includes 227 grams (1⁄2lb) of whole bean coffee & 10 cigars, blended & selected to pair with one another.

The duo is presented in environmentally friendly, collectable Enviro-Tubes where the cigars are nestled in loose coffee. The line is set to release twice per year in limited numbers at the Summer & Winter solstices. The first release, named “Come Around Friends, Enjoy!” (• C •) celebrates the Summer Solstice & is shipping as early as the beginning of August in Canada & in the USA.

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From Fabien Ziegler:

“I am very excited to be bring this product to market! We have introduced an unconventional style where the very typical Coffee & Cigars pairing is not-so-typical, & traditional products have a not-so-traditional spin. Even the standard use of a name & slogan is trumped by a conversation starter rather than a title. The coffee & cigars released for this Summer solstice are a call to action to those we have friendships with & those new friendships we look forward to. So, ‘Come Around Friends, Enjoy!’, and lets celebrate Nicaragua’s best: Coffee & Cigars!”

Fabien Zeigler

From Jared Michaeli:

“This line makes so much sense, & traditional products with a not-so-traditional approach is what makes this exciting! One wouldn’t expect anything less from Fabien, & we are simply honored to be his partner in creating this collective. ‘• C •’ is the first of many in the hunt for the world’s unique tobaccos & coffees. The project takes cigar making beyond perfect pairings & gets coffee partners deeply involved in establishing cigar blends, which highlights Nicaragua’s agriculture more precisely as the two marry during their processes. The products & approach are authentically different & highlight the very best pairing: Coffee & Cigars.”

Jared Michaeli, President & Co-Founder, Favilli

About the collaboration:

The Coffee & Cigars line, considered a perfect pairing by many, celebrates the harmony between coffee & tobacco, their respective regions of growth & the agricultural results which blend so well. The freshly roasted coffee is sealed with well-aged tobacco leaves from the releases blend. This is timed around product packaging due to fresh roasted coffee being its best after roasting. The cigars rest in a specialty cedar outfit, which is packed with the pairing coffee & kept in a specific environment where the cigars are influenced by the ambiance, aromas & oils of the whole bean coffee.

“Come Around Friends, Enjoy! (• C •)”

  • COFFEE: 227 grams of Nicaraguan Single-Origin Segovia Whole Bean
  • CIGARS: 10 Nicaraguan Puro Short Corona 4 1⁄2 x 44
  • 1st RUN: 650 Units
  • MSRP: $155.00

Each solstice release will display its collectable packaging when products are ready for shipping.

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