Where to get the Favilli x Fabien Zeigler new Coffee Osmosized Cigar

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Yesterday we were blessed to be the first to release the new information coming out of Grenada, Nicaragua. The next step in the cigar game, a brand of cigars paired with coffee or coffee paired with cigars, it’s really up to you.

We were able to sit down with both Fabien Zeigler and Jared Michaeli on Bob the Cigar Guy’s Social Media sites to livestream Chief Talk last night to get the full inside scoop behind the idea, the blend and the future of the project. We highly recommend carving out a couple hours to sit and watch as Fabien has been reintroduced back into the cigar world.

How to get the cigars:

Photo Courtesy of Favilli

As of right now, there’s only one way to reserve your cigars. It’s unknown whether there will be other ways of procurement in the future.

You can find the link to the cigars and coffee here and you have the chance to reserve your packs now.

But it gets better…

When you get the email confirmation of your ability to buy your bundle reserves later on you’ll have the opportunity to use a promo code. Make sure you use the promo code “Bob” when you finalize your purchase once you’ve gotten the email to buy in the near future and a little something extra may find it’s way to you.

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