Drew Estate Resurrects Chateau Real Brand

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Exclusively for online retailers, Drew Estate has taken a play from ancient Egypt and brought the Phoenix back from the ashes.

Drew Estate originally introduced the Chateau Real brand to the domestic market just prior to the historic opening of La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate in Estelí, Nicaragua, in 2007. ​ Interestingly, after a vibrant and emotional brand launch, the cigar brand mysteriously melted away … and became that of only folklore, legend, and even controversy.
​While the Chateau Real brand never reached the worldwide prestige of Liga Privada, Undercrown and Herrera Esteli, its birth came at a pivotal inflection moment for the young, ambitious Drew Estate. As Drew Estate worked relentlessly to build legitimacy and expand its boundaries beyond the world of “infused cigars” and into “traditional cigars, Chateau Real was a big first step.

“Chateau, along with all of its secrets has since become one of the most sought-after ‘Drew Estate Ghosts,’ with collectors keeping the brand and its folklore alive. We simply had to resurrect this prince of a brand. I’m absolutely thrilled that we are bringing affordable brands to market … good shit that everyone can afford and feel intelligent purchasing.” ​

Johnathan Drew, Founder and CEO of Drew Estate.

​Chateau Real is marking its targeted return, available exclusively to Diplomat on-line retailers, it is a luxurious blend, crafted to highlight the cigar’s compelling Connecticut Shade-forward flavor. ​ Its balanced blend of well-aged Nicaraguan binder and filler tobaccos are wrapped in beautiful, silky golden brown Connecticut Shade leaf. The epitome of a relaxing smoke, the new Chateau Real redefines expectations for traditional, premium, mellow cigars that are fairly priced.

​Available only at Drew Diplomat online premium cigar retailers and packaged in 20-count boxes, Chateau Real is available in three sizes: 

  • Toro (6 x 50) $134.95 box/$6.75 cigar
  • Robusto (5 x 50) $129.95 box/$6.50 cigar
  • Churchill (7 x 50) $139.95 box/$7 cigar

​”We asked ‘Mr. Don Gummo’ for his expert taste opinion on the matter and he reports “the new Chateau Real is a velvet masterpiece, naturally sweet and smooth, with deliciously creamy nutty notes.” ​ At press time, we were unable to disclose exactly who is Mr. Don Gummo, nor his exact whereabouts. Stay tuned.”

Drew Estate

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