Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust to Delay Polpetta Release until 2024

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Steve Saka of Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust announced today that they would be delaying the release of Polpetta, formerly an event only blend, until the start of 2024 in January.

“Normally delays from intended release dates are the result of either the cigars and/or the packaging not being ready, but this is not the case for Polpetta – the cigars are already landed and aging in our US warehouse. It is simply a matter of operational logistics and doing what we believe is in the best interest of our Purveyors and my staff.”

Steve Saka, Master Blender for Dunbarrton Tobacco and Trust.

Polpetta is a 4.00×48 parejo and a unique elevation of the sandwich-style cigar constructed with the very best table trimmings from crafting their premium Broadleaf ligas such as Mi Querida, including the Triqui Traca and Black variations, Umbagog and Red Meat Lovers and 2 long leaf fillers. The bunch is secured with a first-rate San Andreas Negro binder and wrapped with the outside cuts from their best Broadleaf capa. Packed in 25ct boxes with an MSRP of $7.25 per cigar, it will be DTT’s most budget friendly release to date.

“2023 has proven to be another banner year for us here and thanks to our loyal customers, we have continued to grow substantially. Our staff is working diligently to fulfill the increased demand for not only our core products, but our three most recent releases: Mi Querida Black, Muestra de Saka Krakatoa and Red Meat Lovers. In consultation with my staff with the understanding that in November they must also ship this year’s limited production StillWell Star Holiday 2023 release due to its time sensitive branding, they felt they couldn’t evenly distribute another new puro simultaneously and fairly to all our Retail Partners. So, I have decided to delay our introduction of Polpetta until January.”

Steve continued in his press release…

“I am disappointed we can’t get these toothy, petite robustos out sooner because I think it makes a great choice for many hardcore cigar smokers for the winter months, but I have to be pragmatic and do what is right for our customers and my staff regardless of what my accountant and I want.”

The Polpetta has been available previous to this coming January’s release in an event only format. The Polpetta has been replaced by the new PataPerro as an event exclusive “A” sized Liga. It was announced earlier this year that the Polpetta would be getting its very own box and be available nationwide to Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust retalers.

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