Nasty Fritas Cigars Get a New Packaging Facelift

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Previously only offered in 50-count boxes, the switch to the smaller box size creates a friendlier presence for retailers’ valuable humidor shelf space, while at the same time providing a more economical value for consumers.
​Presented in a unique conical Short Pyramid vitola (4 x 52 at its widest point), Liga Privada Único Serie Nasty Fritas features the same dark, rugged and flavorful Connecticut River Valley Broadleaf No. 1 Dark capa and Plantation Grown Brazilian Mata Fina capote that Drew Estate uses for Liga Privada No. 9 cigars. Like Liga Privada Único Serie Papas Fritas, the Nasty Fritas tripa blend uses left over tobacco trimmings created in the making of Liga Privada No. 9 and Liga Privada T52 cigars.

From Drew Estate

​“These nasty, gnarly, little broadleaf bullies were introduced as an exclusive smoke for our Cigar Safari guests in Nicaragua years ago. Cigar Safari adventurers went loco for Nasty Fritas’ rich character and extraordinary flavor. Switching Nasty Fritas to 25-count boxes is a good move but they still look soooo Nasty. I’ll tell ya the full story when I see ya next.” ​

Jonathan Drew, Founder and President of Drew Estate

​The new 25-count Liga Privada Unico Serie Nasty Fritas cigars is now available exclusively to all participating Drew Diplomat Program partners with an MSRP of $7 per cigar or $175 per box.

Safari Style

Maybe you know about it…maybe you don’t, but Safari Style started off with the Nasty Fritas cigar when we had the unique opportunity and pleasure to visit Drew Estate in Nicaragua back in 2020 before the world-wide pandemic took over.

A breakdown of smoking a Nasty Fritas “Safari Style”

A simple fun upload original to 2020, but took off “viral” in the Drew Estate world shortly after the videos and reposts made their rounds!

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