Hooten Young to Join PCA in the Flesh in July

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Hooten Young Cigars has much to celebrate and will do so with their entire team at PCA 2023 this July. Founders Norm Hooten and Tim Young have an ambitious plan in place for 2023 and see it is time to bring Hooten Young Cigars to the spotlight at the trade show for the first time in the company’s 5 years of business. 

From Hooten Young

It’s never been a question if Hooten Young Cigars would be a part of the PCA trade show. It was only a matter of when the time was right. Now that we have expanded into our new 6000 sq ft warehouse in Florida and have built a great team to develop the footprint, the time has come. For the past 5 years, Hooten Young Cigars has been growing steadily and is excited to share its passion as we move forward in the cigar industry. We are already setting appointments for July; the Hooten Young team looks forward to engaging with the Cigar Industry, sharing our cigars, and the stories behind them. 

Taken from Hooten Young’s Press Release

Please reach out to Allison Trainer to book an appointment.  allison@hootenyoung.com

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