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Cigar smoking is a past-time enjoyed on every continent amongst multiple cultures. Lighting up a stogie brings us all together. Enjoying our similarities and learning what makes us different. In those moments we celebrate each others customs and cultures.

Corona Cigar Co is ready to celebrate with you! This weeks review showcases a great tasting sampler fit for every St. Patrick’s get together. The Crock Full O’ Gold tasting sampler! A bevy of eight candela cloaked tobacco treats, two classic “nose glasses” and a full size bottle of smooth and full flavored Tullamore Dew.

A perfect pairing if there ever was one. And it’s on sale! While our discount code won’t work with Corona’s tasting packages, we do encourage you to use our code; BOB10, on all other cigar purchases that Corona has to offer!

I done told you pretty much what’s in the video, but if you don’t watch it you will miss out on my ebullient personality and witty rep-par-tay! Thanks for being awesome, cause you are! -Btcg-

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