Room101 Brings Daruma Blend Back to Life

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Room101 originally released Daruma in 2012 as a follow up to Namakubi to reflect the authentic heartbeat of the Room101 cigar collection. Nearly a dozen years later, Daruma is back to begin a new chapter of perseverance and good fortune.

For those of you who aren’t up on Japanese talismans, a Daruma is a small papier mache figure used in Japan and around the world as a goal setting tool. Its egg-like shape is connected to perseverance: if a Daruma is knocked down, it will stand right back up. When setting a goal for the year, one of the eyes of the figure gets penciled in, and when the goal is achieved, the second eye gets penciled in and the Daruma gets lit on fire in celebration of the achievement. It’s not dissimilar to lighting a cigar to mark a special occasion.

From Room101

“The return of Daruma is symbolic of the relationship with STG and Room101 moving forward. It represents the opportunity for Room101 to spread its wings which has always been our goal. And just as goals change and times change, Daruma has evolved. The Daruma of 2011 would not be the Daruma of today. The blend is correct and appropriate for now and begins a new chapter for both Daruma and Room101. This cigar is exactly what it needs to be, and it gives people exactly what it needs to give them. Light up a Daruma and celebrate how far you come and set a course for your next big adventure.”

Matt Booth

Daruma is a Nicaraguan puro made proudly in Nicaragua in partnership with Cory Bappert and Room101’s friends at Oliva.

Daruma will be available in one size, 6” x 50 Toro that will sell for an SRP of $12.99 per cigar. The brand will be distributed by Forged Cigar Company.

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