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This episode I’d dedicated to the days you gotta get it done! When the work piles up and the chores are piling over and you gotta make things happen, and all ya wanna do is smoke a tasty cigar!

But have no fear, you are the ultimate multitasker!

When you wanna smoke a cigar and cross things off your to do list this is the video you wanna watch!

CORONACIGAR.COM has you covered, and you won’t believe the price point of this Corona Ranchero!

Solid construction and flavorful!

Perfect for gettin it done!

Right now you can get this Corona exclusive for 33 cents an inch!!!!!!!

Check it out and thank me later!

Check the Video Review HERE

You can find the cigar from the review HERE


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  1. Charles B Adamson Avatar

    Great review Bob! I may just order a bundle to smoke in the shop when working on my projects.

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