Partagas set to release second run of their Añejo series.

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Partagas will soon ship this year’s second allotment of “Añejo,” a refined cigar named for the profoundly-aged wrapper tobaccos that define its appearance and attributes.

Shipping to retailers on October 3, Partagas Añejo is being re-released in the two original sizes that launched earlier this year. Both frontmarks are 4.5” in length as commanded by the scarcity and fragility of the cigar’s Cameroon wrapper leaves.

From Partagas:

“Partagas Añejo is a small-batch offering that we are releasing twice a year. This special blend provides the opportunity for cigar lovers to experience the mystique of a Cameroon wrapper in the context of masterful blending. The initial release earlier this year was met with a tremendous response, and we anticipate that the second allotment will sell out quickly.”

John Hakim, brand manager of Partagas.

Añejo Series

The limited-edition Partagas Añejo is predominantly adorned with a rare 1998 Cameroon which is intertwined with 2013 Connecticut Shade in a barber-pole format. The aged wrapper tobaccos establish a foundation of exceptional depth. When blended with the Mexican and Dominican filler and Dominican Vega Especial binder, the complexity deepens to deliver an intricately layered smoking experience.

Partagas Añejo starts off mellow and unfolds to medium-body as the smoke progresses. Notes of wood, leather and earth abound, stemming from the artisanal blend.

Petit Robusto (4.5” x 49) – SRP per cigar $6.99 (25 cigars per box)

Esplendido (4.5” x 60) – SRP per cigar $7.49 (25 cigars per box)

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