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J.C. Newman took a Major step of faith when it came to creating The American, a cigar which uses tobacco sourced ONLY from the United States of America. A tradition in tobacco that had all but died until the Newman Family took the risk to create the Puro.

A wrapper that is sourced in Clermont, Fl from the farm of Mr. Corona Cigar himself, Jeff Borysiewicz. A binder that comes from the farms of John Foster made of beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf. The same farm that brings us the wonderful tobacco used in Liga Privada of Drew Estate. The filler tobacco is sourced from the Mennonite family farmers in Pennsylvania with an addition of Havana tobacco grown in Connecticut from John Foster’s family of farms to boot.

Not only are the ingredients to the premium tobacco sourced from the States, but the boxes and bands, too! It’s a 100% American made product rolled at J.C. Newman’s factory in Tampa, Fl. You can learn more about the process and ingredients to success here on J.C. Newman’s website.

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Diving in to a cigar is completely useless unless you have the right tools in order to enjoy your premium smoke. We are circling back to the beautiful Corona Cigar branded hardware that looks just as good as the first time we puled it out. A lighter and cutter set to make all eyes draw to you when you pull them out at the lounge or the BBQ. You can tell them they can get it here, when they ask you about your banging setup!

But don’t take my editorial word for it, watch the video below and hear Bob The cigar Guy work his way through the cigar and the swag!

You can find the video HERE

As Always, everything we talk about in the video or in an editorial can be found on Corona Cigar’s website! We highly encourage you to take a look over there and do a little shopping to find your next box purchase, swag haul or maybe swoop in and scoop up one of the weekly deals they hold so often! Let ’em know who sent you over if you pick something up!

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