Corona Saturday | Corona Makes it easy to fall in love with new sticks!

Do you like surprises? I do! … Well, I like GOOD surprises that is. I also like having something to look forward to.

Corona has got me covered, not once but twice! I’m talking about the corona cigar Cigar of The Month Club! Depending on which level you choose you can look forward to five or six professionally curated tobacco treats! These are full size cigars, from all sorts of manufacturers with blends across the flavor profile spectrum!

There’s levels to the game!

You can opt in at the $25.00 level, or if you want to go premium you can step up to the $50.00 program.

A few great things to remember about Corona Cigars COTM.

  • 1. Ready to smoke
  • 2. Great value (you get your moneys worth)
  • 3. Varied flavor profile
  • 4. So many manufacturers from the small boutique companies to the big boys!

And hey, we all have budgets, and sometimes things change. With Corona Cigar’s COTM you are not locked into a long term commitment. You can go month by month or even change to premium for a couple months if you want to. Corona is there for you.

If ya wanna know what is in this months coronacigar.com COTM packs check out Chief on Chief Talk Live every Thursday at 8:15. Every month we do a COTM unboxing! And Chief does a great job hosting the show, it’s so much fun you will feel like you are there. Btw. Use code BOB10 at checkout to get ten percent off almost everything store wide. The COTM is not eligible for this discount because it’s already such a great deal! Check out the video and see what Corona has picked for you this month! Later tater, -Btcg-

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