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Some of my favorite times to smoke cigars are out and about. Whether that be when I’m driving around in the truck or at the beach, I like to relax while I’m relaxing.

Hiking, to me, is some of the most relaxed I can be. Having the constant 360 degree view of nature and all it holds just does something good for the soul. Add in a cigar to the mix and you’ve got the makings of what I imagine some of the old country songs try to paint with their lyrics.

Hiking is great alone. Hiking with cigars is better. Add in some whiskey and some food? Now you’ve got a party that might even entice Big Foot himself to come out of hiding to join along in!

Today’s Review

This instillation of Corona Saturday, Chief takes us outdoors and brings along 3 selections from Corona Cigar Co.

  1. Constantine Cigars
  2. Campfire Tasting Package
  3. FSG Seasonings

First, let’s jump into the cigars. 10 Toro Connecticut cigars that are perfect for your every day occasion. Not only are they perfect for the every day smoke, I feel like they would make a perfect walking companion. It’s just light enough to have all of the flavor you want in a quality smoke, but not enough to make you feel like you can’t catch your breath while putting in some miles on Pat and Charlie.

Second, Wyoming Whiskey from the Campfire Tasting package. In the video I go into a little more detail on how I can see comparisons to Buffalo Trace. The Whiskey does seem to have a little more harsh burn than what I’ve come to love from Buffalo Trace, but man was it enjoyable. Especially paired along with the seasonings and cigar mentioned above.

Finally, the seasonings. Now I know whaat you’re thinking, “It’s just a seasoning…why would I need a review on it?” You’d be correct for the most part. I used a traditional garlic, salt and pepper seasoning included on some campfire potatoes. The garlic comes through strong, the salt hold off a bit and the pepper is butcher block. Now the steak seasoning was used on some butterflied pork chops and I couldn’t think of a better flavor to put on it to match the garlic of the potatoes. A nice, subtle, sweetness to pair with the mild flavor of the natural pork taste. A big winner in my opinion!

All of the mentioned products in the video below are all lined above in the underlined portion listed. Hopefully in the future we will compile more reviews and videos with the Campfire Pack and the seasonings. Maybe even a Smoked Pork livestream one day!

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