General Cigar and Espinosa Cigars Release Final Warzone Expression

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General Cigar and Espinosa Cigars will release the third and final expression of the critically-acclaimed Warzone trilogy with “Warzone Rabito.” 

Fusing the respective styles of General Cigar and Espinosa Cigars, Warzone Rabito uses wrapper tobacco from General Cigar, along with binder and filler tobacco from Espinosa. 

From Espinosa:

“Warzone has been a very successful collaboration, so it should come as no surprise that Justin Andrews and I wanted to end the trilogy on a high note, so to speak. And since Team Espinosa blended our first Cameroon-wrapped cigars with Justin under Warzone, we agreed that we would take Cameroon to another level with our final release. There was no question when we had the blend that embodied our vision…it was like the lights turned on for all of us…we instinctively knew it was right.” 

Erik Espinosa, Owner of Espinosa Cigars

About the Warzone Rabito:

As with previous Warzone releases, the cigars are “soft box pressed,” calling upon an old-world Cuban method in which freshly-rolled cigars are placed inside the box to form their shape.

Warzone Rabito

  • Wrapper: Cameroon (5 year aged)
  • Binder: Honduran
  • Filler: Nicaragua and Columbia
  • Vitola: Soft Box Press (6 x 46)
  • Price: $9.19 (20ct boxes)
  • Production Run: 1,500 boxes have been made so far

Warzone is handcrafted at Espinosa Cigar’s La Zona Factory in Esteli, Nicaragua. The line launched in November 2019 with a Robusto and Toro and was followed up by a Churchill released in 2020. The collection has received multiple 90+ ratings and numerous accolades to date.  

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