Corona Gold Robusto and SWAG

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Man, we’ve got an episode chock full of Corona Gold!

In less than ten minutes we showcase some great Corona exclusive goodness found at!

Watch the video to check the deals!

First, we take a look at the Jetline cutter lighter combo along with the new bangin v cutter, which might just surpass the Colibri Deep “V” (yeah I said it!) A dual jet lighter plus a quad tabletop in gorgeous high shine ruby red with the corona logo, proudly emblazoned on each piece.

We then check out the budget luxury corona exclusive Corona Gold Robusto. To pair along with the Corona Gold Robusto I’ll be sippin’ on that corona barrel select selection.

And to round it all off we check back in to see if the air fresheners still got that fresh smell after two weeks. I even tried my hand at “Chief style” on the b roll product shoot! Check it out and see how I did! Click that link and enjoy! -BTCG-

Check out the video HERE!

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