Favilli Launches New Series with Fabien Zeigler

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Come Around Friends Enjoy was test debuted on the Bob the Cigar Guy YouTube channel in June. Now, C A F E is being shipped to the public. Favilli opened up pre-orders for (C) on the night of the show with more pre-orders being made available since, but now they’re expected to land in the United States late August and Canada the first week of September.

You can order the first installment of the series HERE

courtesy Favilli

Promo Code:

You have the opportunity to include the code: Bob

The promo code directly helps benefit the Bob the Cigar Guy YouTube channel and it also includes an extra when your order is completed.

Our Experience with (C)

We had the opportunity to have the full immersion experience with the President of Favilli and Fabien. To sit back and smoke the cigars that had, and had not, been aged with coffee was a huge eye opener. Especially when we had the coffee, that’s included, fresh ground and sipped along side the 2 blends.

We can confirm that the new line from Favilli is unlike anything we have had before from any premium cigar company. The nuances from the coffee aging process cannot be compared to that of other infused coffee cigars or sweetened tip coffee cigars. Not that we don’t enjoy those, but this experience is truly new to the cigar game and really does a number on the palette.

The C A F E Series will be releasing new blends around the solstices moving forward. We look forward to seeing new blends, vitolas and coffees coming from Favilli and Fabien Zeigler in the future.

Until then, Come Arounds Friends, Enjoy!

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